The Knighture Foundation

Our Mission is to mentor through the path!

The Knighture Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that provides coaching and mentoring to help people figure out how to get started with a technology career. Not all areas of technology are the same. There's Information Technology (IT), Information Services (IS), Programming, Security, Networking, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Mobile apps; but where do you start?
Not all areas of technology are right for everyone. We want to understand each person's interest, their likes, and dislikes, their work history, strengths, and weaknesses, and align a custom learning program to help you achieve your goals. mentoring is offered free of charge to the mentee all through their journey. We look to Corporate Sponsors to help enable our programs and expenses.

When a person starts their journey into technology, the options of training out there can be daunting. A mentor creates a custom training syllabus for you, however the training itself is handled by a third party, but we guide you along the way.

Knighture Foundation's support during COVID19

With so many people out of work due to the impact of the virus, NOW is the perfect time to start working on a new skill while you're at home. Prepare now for your next career path that may enable you to work from home, have more flexibility and provide for your family during turbulent times. Knighture Foundation's mentors are ready and available to help you through your unique path. Fill out the short form on the Contact Us page to get started!

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Future Programs on the Roadmap - Stay Tuned!

  • Programming for Autism - High Functioning Coders

    • Adults and Children with Autism all face challenges with learning styles that are currently available. For some with Autism, they absorb information and learn fast, others need more practical application. Both groups though can benefit from life skills needed to navigate jobs in a career in Development.

  • Diversity is the variable - Workshop

    • How to get better code? How to be more secure? How to have better insight into business related problems that may or may not need a technical answer? We believe the more diverse a team is in all aspects can help in these three areas.

  • Knighture Jousting Tournament

    • Are you a new or experienced developer and would like a chance to see how your rank amongst your peers? Would you like to compete for cash and prizes based on a bracketed tournament in programming? The Knighture Jousting Tournament brings together hundreds of developers seeking glory and companies looking to grow their army! Join us as we compete, and we all win!

If you would like to support these, or other programs at the Knighture Foundation, please fill out the contact us form and we look forward to collaborating with you!