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August 2023 - 5 Year Anniversary

Join us in celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary at the Knighture Foundation. We have kicked off our first ever GoFundMe campaign to help us achieve our 2023 Goals.

We have much to be proud of as we look back. Nearly 50 mentees have come through our Journey program and more than half of those moved on to brand new careers in Technology through Coaching or advanced their careers through Mentoring! From Scrum Masters to DevOps, from Full Stack Developers to Platform Architects, the apprentices that have spring-boarded from the Foundation, their experiences through their journey are inspiring to our newcomers as well.

Just in this first half of 2023, the Knighture Foundation moved into its new Headquarters location provided to us at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. In-person coaching session slots are now available as we match our applicants to their mentors.

Growth at the Knighture Foundation was never the goal. Providing a personalized coaching plan to help folks see how to achieve their goals of gaining a new or advanced career in Technology. Of course, as we grow, so do our Operating expenses. The Knighture Foundation has been able to provide its services at no cost to our mentees through contributions from its founding members at Knighture, Inc. and individual sponsors. At current, the Knighture Foundation has no paid staff. All work, mentoring and coaching are done on a volunteer basis.

However, we have received many requests since the end of the pandemic for more in-person Meetups, organized Boot Camps, and establishing partnerships in the community that our unique approach can help them bridge a gap in their goals (i.e., Goodwill of Piedmont, CPCC). The Knighture Foundation has also not done a good job seeking ongoing Corporate Sponsors, and we should apply to available grants within North Carolina.

Please help us achieve our goals this year in 2023 to raise $23,000! Click Here to go to our GoFundMe campaign.

Here is an example of what your contribution might do:

$50 - Sponsor a working lunch for the team

$100 - Contributes to cloud costs

$500 - Pays our Rent and Utilities for 1 Month

$1,000 - Sponsor 1 person through the Journey program

$2,500 - Sponsors a Beginner Boot Camp

$5,000 - Host a Specialized Boot Camp

Our Mission is to mentor through the path!

The Knighture Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that provides coaching and mentoring to help people figure out how to get started with a technology career. Not all areas of technology are the same. There's Information Technology (IT), Information Services (IS), Programming, Security, Networking, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Mobile apps; but where do you start?
Not all areas of technology are right for everyone. We want to understand each person's interest, their likes, and dislikes, their work history, strengths, and weaknesses, and align a custom learning program to help you achieve your goals. mentoring is offered free of charge to the mentee all through their journey. We look to Corporate Sponsors to help enable our programs and expenses.

When a person starts their journey into technology, the options of training out there can be daunting. A mentor creates a custom training syllabus for you, however the training itself is handled by a third party, but we guide you along the way.

Knighture Foundation

 NOW is the perfect time to start working on a new skill while you're at home. Prepare now for your next career path that may enable you to work from home, have more flexibility and provide for your family. Knighture Foundation's mentors are ready and available to help you through your unique path.  Fill out the short form on the Contact Us page to get started!

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Future Programs on the Roadmap - Stay Tuned!

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