All of our services to Mentees and Mentors alike are all provided free of charge. However this does not mean there are no expenses. That is why we rely on Sponsors, no matter how large or small, to contribute to the enablement of people in our communities to better their personal lives through a career in Information Technology. Below are a list of some of the benefactors that help helped the Knighture Foundation along the way.

Knighture, LLC.

Knighture, LLC (K-LLC) and is the founding organization behind the Knighture Foundation. K-LLC is a strategic incubator that creates new products and services that do not yet exist, but target specific problem statements in and across industries.

Pivotal Software / VMWare

VMWare acquired Pivotal in December 2019. Pivotal is a long time supporter of the Knighture Foundation, and VMWare continues that legacy. Pivotal has donated laptops so that we can distribute to those in need.


Rehicle is an incubation project of the Knighture Institute, and provides the Knighture Foundation with office space, training space and ongoing support! We are proud to have Rechicle as a Corporate sponsor and as they also support hiring on a number of our Apprentices from the Knighture Foundation program!

Duke Energy

Whilst not an official sponsor, Duke Energy deserves a special mention. It is a great culture fit for the mission of the Knighture Foundation to coach and mentor people at any stage of their career. Duke Energy has provided people and collaborative interest in hiring some of our Apprentices.

Make a Donation

You may donate your time in skills, or wish to contribute monetarily to help further the Knighture Foundation mission!

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Corporate Sponsorship

We have put together a comprehensive and value-based Sponsorship program. Email sponsors@knighture.org to start a conversation regarding your Corporate Sponsorship.