The Journey

Starting your journey into Information Technology can be daunting ...

Starting your first job in Information Technology can be frustrating ...

Starting to mentor your first person can be rewarding!


"There are so many options, I do not know where to start!" - if this is you, we're here to help. As you start your journey our mentors will work with you to identify what area of IT is best for your personality and work history to align your learning plan and goals.


Your on your journey, your target career goal is in sight, so you will need your mentors help now more than ever. Interviews, job postings, applied skillsets, it's allot to prepare for. Once you land that first role, our mentors will still be here to get adjusted to life in a technology career! 


Whether you have a few months experience or your a 25+ year seasoned professional, there is always someone with less experience that would really value your help. Do you remember what it was like? Donate one hour, or a schedule of time, the Knighture Foundation has a backlog of people that could use your help.