How to be a Knight?

Take a moment to read a little bit of the history of what it meant to be a Knight in the Middle Ages.

Usually when we talk about Knights we think of a person in shining armor fighting with a sword or a lance. That would be true in times of war, or exhibition. However the life of a Knight was one of honor and chivalry. Chivalry is a number of qualities, but in our context most importantly is a willingness to help the weak or less fortunate.

As a mentor with the Knighture Foundation, you will be paired up with people that need our help. They want to improve their life, learn new skills and push through on their own merit, but they do need to be guided. If you are a seasoned IT person, you know that there are a TON of options for training and hands on learning, but looking back on your own career, what helped you the most? More times than not, there may have been a person or series of people over time that have guided you in the right direction.

Through our mentorship program, you can decide how much or how little you are able to contribute with your time. We have backend tools so that you can peer into the mentee's progress and provide notes to them along the way. You may find that you are mentoring more than one person, some will succeed in a self-paced environment, some will need more structure. It is through your professional evaluation and assessment that will help determine their career path. You will gain much satisfaction in watching your mentee's grow and gain readiness for a career in their path. Once you have helped someone land a job in Information Technology, you will be dubbed a KNIGHT!

Knights receive exclusive benefits, and invited to private events that will both enrich your career and help establish real relationships with people in your community and industry.

Volunteering your time with the Knighture Foundation will be recognized in a year end letter that you can also use to support your tax write-off documentation.